Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

No matter one’s opinion about the Chinese virus and how the world has reacted to it, we can all agree that fear is not the Jewish way. Everything that happens in this world comes from Hashem. Nothing happens to us without Hashem having decreed that it does. 

Hashem is also the source of goodness. Everything He does is for the ultimate good. Contemplating this and living life accordingly can help the (at times) hidden goodness to be revealed.

We should repeat this to ourselves and our families as many times as needed to create a protective shield from the anxiety super-bug plaguing Planet Earth.

This mindset also helps us retain our humanity toward others, to treat people with respect instead of suspicion, worried that they will infect us with the latest variant on the market.

Sukkos is the perfect opportunity to allow ourselves to connect to Hashem’s loving embrace. We should spend as much time as we can in the Sukkah thinking, speaking, learning & farbrenging about this.

For thousands of years Yidden believed in the coming of Moshiach here, in this physical world. Let’s not lose focus at the end. Moshiach isn’t just a way out. It’s a way in. It flips our current reality into a dream and the future becomes the reality.

May we experience it very soon.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, and most joyous Zman Simchaseinu,