Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

The first time I went skiing, I signed up for lessons as I had no idea how to ski. The lessons started at 11:00am but the slopes opened at 10:00am so I figured I’ll try skiing a couple of times on my own, and then go for lessons. That was a mistake. I literally fell out of the chair lift as it got to the top, and then broke my glasses slamming straight into the door of the ski rentals. Then I headed for the lessons and discovered that one of the first things they teach is how to fall correctly… falling without panicking is something that needs to be learnt.

Indeed, in life, falling and failing can either be a disaster that brings much destruction, or is accepted as part of being human. We clean up the mess, focus on not doing it again and get back up. Football players focusing on the end zone are tackled and brought to the ground, but then get right back up doing the job that needs to be done.

All of us have failed. Some of us have failed in a big way. We have to be honest in our regret, in our accepting responsibility and in our commitment to the future – but we are not a failure. We have a mission to accomplish and we will not be defined by the setback.

Our mission as Yidden is to fill our lives with G-dliness and goodness, as found in our Holy Torah and its G-d given Mitzvos. Each thought, word, and action in this area brings us one step closer to the time when falsehood shall be eradicated from this world and in its place the revelation of all the good done throughout our history. We can literally feel the rumblings and the birth pangs of the redemption. May the split second of his coming happen and this Golus will be a thing of the past.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,